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lyrics save the day.

lyrics save the day.
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so, what is this? rules, read please.
so, what is this? what’s this ‘lyrics save’ community about?

you know when you are looking to make the perfect heartbreak mixtape, but you do not know where to start? you need songs, but your condition renders you hopeless in your helplessness? if you answered yes, lyrics save is the place for you.

you may be thinking, how exactly does this work?

ready? set? explanation! this entry is your list of subjects for songs. when you click on the link, it will lead you to a list of songs with many topics that will hopefully pertain to your specific situation. if you do not see what you need, make a post in the community with a statement such as, "hey, i need some songs about trees with red berries." upon reading the request, the people of the community will comment with songs that can help you in your search. we [the maintainers and mods] encourage you to post lyrics and comment on songs, giving your interpretation of them. we are a very open-minded community and love to help people out as much and as often as we can.

now, the fun part...

community guidelines. follow them or die.


00. pay attention to posts by the following:
maintainers: adirgeforher (deena) & mymedicinetree (mel).
maintainer journal: lyricmods.
mods: pullmystrings (melody) & paperbuildings (andrea)

01. read the song lists before you make a request for songs that relate to your situation, as the song list may already contain songs that concern your post. if you're looking for more than the song list, say that or else the mods and maintainers will bitch.

02. make sure all of your posts are FRIENDS ONLY. ok? thanks. entries that are not friends only will be deleted.

03. make sure to title your request entries as request. a lot of lyrics are posted here (which is wonderful), so title your entries request to get them noticed by the maintainers, mods, and community as a whole.

04. if you are posting lyrics longer than three lines, please use an lj-cut. they are simple to use; read LJ's FAQ here. PLEASE. when you do not comply, it distracts us from the requests. if you want somewhere to post more than three lines, we suggest mycaustictongue.

05. if someone disagrees with you on a song meaning, do not attack them. seriously. respect their views. harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated. if you have a problem with someone or something that was said, please take it up with one of the maintainers. if you do not abide by this rule, there is a chance you will be banned. no, we are not harsh, we just want to keep this community friendly. basically, kids, just treat others as you would like to be treated.

06. we are not afraid to ban you. we do not like obnoxious people who leave gigantic angry comments like this. if you are displeased with something in this community, please respond to it in a mature fashion. if you don't, the maintainers will happily ban your dumb ass. and especially don't be dumb enough to harass the maintainers and mods.

07. promoting and advertising of other communities is not allowed. the maintainers are very strict when it comes to this rule; they will happily ban you if you do not comply with this rule. special instances, such as a community with a positive purpose or one that sparks great interest or inspiries, may be posted with permission from the maintainers.

08. don't be a pain in the ass and ask for one-liners about a subject that there is already a song category for. just because you don't want to search through the lyrics of the songs in the lists is not a valid reason to ask for one-liners.

09. this is NOT a file-sharing community. please don't ask for members/mods/maintainers to send you songs. check out the faq's to find some.

10. PLEASE do not ask the community to add you as a friend. you have to join and add the community to your friends in order to see the song lists. sometimes it takes a few minutes to process.

11. the website to convert songs into ringtones free is mobile17.com. and check out tunefind.com to find out what songs played on your favorite TV show last night.

12. when you are creating a new topic or a list of one-liners, please comment at this entry so that we know to add it to our lists.

13. please do not steal our lists and use them in your own community. we work hard to make these, and we do not appreciate it. thanks.


01. see this entry for information about how to submit a mixtape. you can post them under that entry or as a post in the community.

02. please give a title for your mixtapes or we'll make up one.

03. make sure to tag these as "mixtape".


01. label your entry with tags associated with your request. please make your tags easy to understand and to the point.

coming soon...

graphics: adirgeforher/deena
coding: reversescollide/tweaked by dee

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